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Gunner Free Space Defender - 1.6 / Android

DOWNLOAD Gunner Free Space Defender - 1.6 / Android For Free
Gunner: Free Space Defender is the first-person 3D space shooter.
Good old motto "Kill 'em all" is probably the best way to precisely describe the game's purpose.
You are the gunner controlling a space turret and your objective is to protect friendly objects and destroy all attacking enemies. 12 types of Primary weapons and 6 types of Secondary weapons will help you to do the job.
Bullets for Primary weapons are unlimited, but each one will cost you a score point.
Secondary weapons are limited in ammo.
During intensive firing the primary weapon might overheat and misfire; the temperature gauge that indicates overheating is located under the ammo counter.

There are two game play modes: Campaign and Survival; each with 32 levels will not leave you indifferent and will not let you get bored

DO NOT uninstall the Lite version while upgrading to the Full one in order to keep your settings and achievements.
Uninstall the Lite version only after first run of Full one.

DOWNLOAD Gunner Free Space Defender - 1.6 / Android For Free

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