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Flappy Crush - New / Android

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Welcome to Flappy Crush!

Tired of flying all these different birds and penguins and animals between the green pipes? Get your revenge and crush the birds with the pipes instead! **Evil Laugh**

The game is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes together and crush any of those pesky flying birds trying to pass through! If a single tiny bird manages to flap its way past the pipes, then all the birds will fly away to freedom and you will lose the game.

When you become an expert at killing and smashing all the colorful birds, if you get a score of 500 points or more you will unlock the EXTREME mode! In this mode the birds are coming at you from both sides with the pipe in the middle.

Get 1000 points and you unlock CRAZY mode! This mode is really HARD! The birds in this mode are not your average flappy's! They are smart, cunning and unpredictable. This mode is significantly harder than the normal mode and so it is a lot more challenging to crush the birds before they flap by the pipes!

Try to get the highest score and climb the leaderboards in this new addictive, simple and endless game! If you want stress relief then this is the game for you!

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! Lots of pixel gore and blood inside!

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DOWNLOAD Flappy Crush - New / Android For Free

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