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Fish Wack - 1.1 / Android

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Fish Wack is a lively fun game. Whack the fish as they swim by and watch them turn into balls of fire. Keep your eyes on the tricky fish and don't let them get away. Go on whack those fish! Do it now, you know you want to! Play on your own or with your friends. Download and enjoy. Your mission is shown at the bottom of each level. Hit the number of fish you see on each board. Hit more and you will reset the count. Make sure you complete each level in the allocated time. Hit the bonus time to add extra time to each level.


• - Colourful swimming fish!
• - Bight and perky music!
• - Increasingly harder levels and never ending gameplay!
• - Fast paced action game!
• - Lots of bubbles!
• - Ad free for your enjoyment!

A game for kids to enjoy or for you to chill with in ten minutes.

DOWNLOAD Fish Wack - 1.1 / Android For Free

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