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Commando shooter-sniper strike - 1.2 / Android

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Commando Shooter-Sniper Strike 3D: It is one of the most popular Frontline Commando Games. Where you have to fight against very dangerous soldiers, enemies and spiders which are almost spread in all over the desert, city, mountain, hills, jungle / forest. Just find them and shoot them. Be-careful, there are some soldiers also attacking you.
In first level you have 20 soldiers and one Helicopter. First level clear for go to next level. As well as you have more powerful guns, weapons and ammunition in store. In Urban Commando Adventure Shooting game has many weapons to choose: in which Sniper, MP5, Shotgun, M1911 etc. You are an army commando shooter therefore kill the enemy, soldiers, anti-terrorist and get cash, cash can be used to buy weapons and ammunition. Don't worry about your cash saved after game play. Let you experience the feeling of different weapons. This is a real sniper war!
Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment
FPS 3D (First Person Shooter) Sniper Game
Tap to shoot and kill the enemies
Great 3D graphics and environment.
Fabulous sound effects
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DOWNLOAD Commando shooter-sniper strike - 1.2 / Android For Free

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