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Archer Forest Action - 1.1 / Android

DOWNLOAD Archer Forest Action - 1.1 / Android For Free
Archer Forest Action is a challenging medieval archer shooting game where your goal is to kill the king’s enemies by hitting them with a bow and arrow. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, because the targets are at different distances and you have to contend with their arrows coming towards you. This game is all about judgement and accuracy. It is also a good game to help develop good hand-eye coordination as well as challenging your depth perception abilities as you try to master the noble tradition of archery. How much time can you survive? Use skill, each shot may be your last.

How To Play:

- Touch anywhere on the left of the touchscreen to move
- Point the crosshair aim on your opponent to aim
- Tap the crossbow button to shoot arrows
- Hold down telescope icon to measure range and distance


- Enthralling dynamic gameplay
- Enjoyable soundtrack
- Extremely dynamic, enrapturing gameplay
- Impressive special effects
- Delivers great realistic 3D graphics
- Realistic game play

DOWNLOAD Archer Forest Action - 1.1 / Android For Free

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