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[34% OFF!] Jaeger Strike Space Shooter - 1.5 / Android

DOWNLOAD [34% OFF!] Jaeger Strike Space Shooter - 1.5 / Android For Free
With awesome 3D graphics, great audio, cool special effects and epic gameplay.
„...it’s a pleasure when I come across a quality top-down shooter on the Android,...“ „
The game looks great, and features some impressive backgrounds that really immerse the player
and establish sense of scope and size.“ „The game is fast-paced, and offers mission-based gameplay that’s perfect for mobile play.“
„It’s a fun game that we recommend checking out.“
„With it's 3D-graphics and various input methods, this mobilegame might be just the right thing for everyone looking for a new action shooter on Android.“
„Vesmírná strílecka v parádní grafice.“ (Space Shooter with great graphics)
„Hra je velmi dobre zpracovaná…“ (The game is very well done...)
"Jaeger Strike recalls the best of old school PSX shooters like Einhander and R-Type Delta."
"If you´re a big arcade shoot´em up fan ... you´ll really dig Jaeger Strike."
"A top down shooter game with a gameplay which makes you want to play for hours..."
"We’re more than sure that if you like sci-fi and space shooter games, this is the game for you..."
In “Jaeger Strike” you pilot a ship through different space sectors while taking on missions and fight against dozens of different enemy jaegers, combat turrets and space stations. The game is reminiscent of the classic “1945“ or „Air Attack HD” and features impressive backgrounds in front of great audio tracks that immerse the player in the gameplay and into space.
If you like top down space shooters here are some features that will captivate you in “Jaeger Strike”:
? Action packed missions where you fight against powerful enemy Jaegers and challenge tough bosses
? Stunning backgrounds with awesome 3D graphics and cool special effects
? Accompanying custom soundtrack and great sound effects
? Four control modes and three types of difficulty
? Upgrade your weapons as you advance through the game and collect more in-app currency
? Get honored by lots of medals when tasks are completed (uses Google Play Services for high-scores & achievements)

You can see "Jaeger Strike" in action at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUu05fO48ng
You can also try out the free version, which also contains the full content. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.uberactive.jaegerstrikefree

Find more details here:
http://jaegerstrike.com (official landing page)
http://uberactive.de (official website)

TIME 2822
It is the aftermath of „The Second Imperial Conflict“ which took place between the United Liberation Front (ULF) and the Imperial Stabilization Forces (ISF). After the ULF liberated the sectors Alpha, Beta and Gamma from imperial tyranny, scattered ISF-Troops retreated to abandoned sector Delta.
TIME 2837 . 211
The ULF sent a recon fleet to patrol the area and check for last ISF activities. But meanwhile, the resistance reformed.
If You enjoyed playing Top-Down-Shooters like Air Attack HD, Skyforce, iFighter 1945, Xelorians, DoDonPachi and other shooters, You should try this game.

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DOWNLOAD [34% OFF!] Jaeger Strike Space Shooter - 1.5 / Android For Free

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