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V-REP Player - 3.1.3 / Windows

DOWNLOAD V-REP Player - 3.1.3 / Windows For Free
V-REP Player is a lightweight application that was designed in order to help you easily view the V-REP simulations you created without having to install the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform software.

V-REP - the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform - is a general-type robot simulator. It allows you to edit and simulate whole robotic systems, or sub-systems (e.g. sensors, mechanisms, etc.). It offers a multitude of functionalities (see hereafter) that can be easily integrated and combined through an exhaustive API and script functionality. V-REP can be used for remote monitoring, for hardware control, for fast prototyping and verification, for fast algorithm development/parameter adjustment, for safety double-checking, for robotics-related education, factory automation simulations, etc.

DOWNLOAD V-REP Player - 3.1.3 / Windows For Free

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