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SlimeRacerDX - 2.1 / Android

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You can now play with Bluetooth match. In the course of all , You can play with various settings . You can invite some people of the free version of this battle . You also popular person in this .

More of the device sound to sound out violently.
In the initial state , will sound to sound out . To select [OPTION] from the title , please uncheck the [Default Running Sound] . Instead of sound will come.

Method of Bluetooth match.
1 Select [VS HUMAN] in title
2 Touch only the other first , the upper-right hand corner of [pairing] , and the pairing with the device of the other . If the person you were paired once , this operation will not pass in the future.
3 One select [Create Race] . device of the paid version , you can choose various settings and course here .
4 Other one Select [Entry Race]. And choose the device of the one.
5 screen will change , start choose the color of slime .
? When not connected , please try to Select the [Bluetooth Reboot] .

Currently , I prepare five courses . Race for three laps the course .

? Please warn the person you want to upgrade from 1.x.
I have abolished the ( mode running at only player ) TIME ATTACK mode . Replay of the previous will also be invalid .

? New mode World Record( using the function of the game service of google play)
This is a world rankings . Whose hands the title of fastest ?

Computer will compete as a competitor . First of all , I choose the opponent . Among them , the course of each
There is a slime that is the owner . If you win it , allowing you to select the next course .
In addition , (select ALL SLIME) You can also play against at the same time as the slime of multiple . Following and in first place in this case
I will be able to select courses .

If you update the fastest time , replay will be saved . In addition , I can entry to the world rankings in that time .

My Record
You can data and race the fastest time of his , able to see the replay . The paid version , you can see the replay saved data .
And you can be an entry by sending to the world ranking of the fastest data here .

Method of operation
Manipulate direction tilt the terminal .
If you touch the accelerator mark , on the left when you touch the mark of the right , you can use up to three times the nitro of 3 seconds .

? When you release the accelerator , slime will slip . You can a variety of using it .
• The rush to the corner to change the direction while sliding , easily will you turn also sharp curve .
· I use immediately after the nitro , when you release the accelerator , go slipped while maintaining the momentum to some extent . This is an important technique .
• Even downhill , who you release the accelerator , will accelerate rapidly .

Please refer to it and select " DEMO " in the title screen , since it is seen demonstration play .

The difference between Free version
You can choose the course of all the Bluetooth match.
(Free version can choice Course2 only)

Used in the development (OS 4.0.3), Sony XPERIA SO-01C and (OS 2.3.4) ASUS TF101 I have confirmed the operation , test .

I do not take responsibility even if any damage occurs by the use of this app .

more ? What's new 2.1_ Add Bluetooth match
2.00_world rankings added, Option settings Was in a separate screen ,
1.38_Add a semi-transparent processing of 3-course and 4-course.
1.35_In the terminal such as a mobile, I was widely game screen.
1.31_Bug fixes fall when you select a ghost.
1.3_ Add replay camera angle, Bug fixes the collision detection.
1.21_You can move to SD card
1.2_ course5 add. Against additional one-to-many Video

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