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PhotoZoom Classic 6 - 6.0.0 / Windows

DOWNLOAD PhotoZoom Classic 6 - 6.0.0 / Windows For Free
Unhappy about the quality of your digital image enlargements? Resize your images using PhotoZoom Classic 5! BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 5 is software for enlarging digital images, available for OS X 10.5+ and Windows. It is based on S-Spline XL: an improved version of BenVista's patented, award-winning S-Spline interpolation technology. S-Spline XL is specialized in creating sharp, crisp clear, and true to nature image enlargements, perfectly preserving edges, details, and shapes. PhotoZoom Classic 5 produces higher quality enlargements than its competitors, and is an absolute must-have for anyone who needs to resize images. Functions and Features: * Superb image enlargements through BenVista's patented, award-winning S-Spline and S-Spline XL technologies * Advanced sharpening tools * Large preview window for instant previewing * Handy presets, specially designed for different types of images * Reduction of JPEG compression artifacts and noise * Powerful crop tool for spectacular close-ups * Easy rotating and flipping * Optimized for both screen and printing purposes * Intuitive, easy-to-use interface * Supports all common file formats * Preserves metadata (IPTC, Exif, XMP, ICC profiles) * Stand-alone application: no additional software required * Fully compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and OS X (both 64-bit and 32-bit) * Mac: Universal application: optimal performance on both PowerPC and Intel based systems

DOWNLOAD PhotoZoom Classic 6 - 6.0.0 / Windows For Free

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