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miLeyenda, sportpeople tracker - 2.5.5 / Android

miLeyenda Entertainment (1) Updated (Ver.) Price: 2014-10-02 (2.5.5) Free FileDir User Rating: Not rated FileDir User Reviews: No reviews Write a Review Downloads / this week: 30 / 0 Add to list+ Download QR Screenshots Description Advertisement ? Advertisement ?(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Description miLeyenda tracks and awards your sport evolution.

Organize matches, invite your contacts, setup where and when top lay, learn the odds you have to win and the prizes you can earn.

Store all your results, check your stats of every sport and the rankings with your friends.

Share every match in your favorite social networks, by email or directly via WhatsApp. The match doesn’t finish at the field.

Build your sport legend and become the best player. Unlock dozens of medals and organize matches in a single screen.

You can play Basketball, Soccer11, Soccer7, Soccer Room, Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Table Tennis…

Learn the odds you or your team have to win the match. Our Smart algorithm takes into account the sport record of the players so you can have the more accurate prediction.
More matches you play and more opponents you challenge, the better for the precision of the score prediction.

Don’t you know every player in the game? Adjust the composition of each team so you can have a balanced and tough game.

The most cutting edge UI in the market allows you to invite players and schedule the match in just one single step. Save time and take advantage of the great user experience of miLeyenda to calling and challenging other users and report the score.

Are you always the same ten mates for playing basketball but you don’t know who can play this week? Forget about email, telephone or instant messaging groups. Thanks to miLeyenda you can challenge all of them and those who accept first will join the match.

In case any mate cannot finally assist, he just have to leave the match and you will be notified. Simple, easy, one step.

Earn medals and badges thanks to practicing sport. You will unlock new badges as you keep progressing and playing more matches. Don’t limit yourself and play more than one single sport.
Sport is competition and miLeyenda encourage you to win so you can earn awards and become the best player among your contacts.

Share your achievements and scores with all your Facebook and Twitter contacts. Link your accounts and you will be able to inform about the organization of new matches, about what was your last paddle tennis game or the next friendly.

Know your sport record, your biggest achievements and your best marks. What is the classification you have at each moment, your more practiced sport and know who the best player among your friends is.
More you play, more points you earn.

Actually, in each group of friends there are some people that can play twice a week and other just once each month, so organizing a league uses to be hard. Thanks to our ranking system every game adds up, those playing more games could have more points but just those who win more times will have more chances to win.

Search your friends in your agenda, your email provider, Facebok or Twitter and add them you your list of contacts in miLeyenda. You will have them just one click away when you create a new match.

You can even check their profile, their stats and track record. How many times they play each week, the badges they have unlocked or how many friends do you share.

Become a legend is just one step away. miLeyenda begins!

more ? What's new ? We have included Waterpolo
? Now you can look for you in a competition and link your profile to a participant in order to receive real-time alerts and to increase your stats
? User experience improvements and better design.
? Imaginary: This app allows you to press the button "nitro" to win the final sprint

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