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Malwarebytes Secure Backup 1.3

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Malwarebytes Secure Backup automatically backs up your important documents, music, photos, and videos to an online data center. For your protection and safety Malwarebytes Secure Backup will not allow you to backup, restore or share any infected files.

KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Malwarebytes Secure Backup comes with an integrated Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware system to detect known viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, adware, and spyware.Malwarebytes Secure Backup can backup your online and localised data. The application backs up your files up to the cloud and your local drive for more flexibility.The application will backup to an unlimited amount of your devices for one license.Malwarebytes Secure Backup will automatic schedule backups so you don’t have to worry about it.Malwarebytes Secure Backup ensures that deleted files are automatically archived so you’ll never lose an important file.

Malwarebytes Secure Backup uses military-grade encryption to ensure your files are completely safe during transmission.

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