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Magic Animator - 1.6 / Windows

DOWNLOAD Magic Animator - 1.6 / Windows For Free
Magic Animator is a quick and powerful tool for making cool GIF animations, impressive banners and animated videos. Magic Animator introduces advanced timeline for animation editing. Which lets you manipulating animation symbols and texts, you can animate an object easily by creating liner motion and guide line motion. The layers technology helps to control over the object's size, placement, appearance and motion. To prepare your animation project, you can create animation symbols with its animation symbol creation tool and save them to symbol library. In addition to font size and color, you can apply special text styles like drop shadows, blur, glows or emboss. Magic Animator also provides lots of high quality animation symbols to help you express ideas and concepts, make your website or presentation more attractive and fun. Once finished, output can be exported as GIF, SWF and AVI clips.

DOWNLOAD Magic Animator - 1.6 / Windows For Free

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