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Font Wrangler - 5.0a.2 / Windows

DOWNLOAD Font Wrangler - 5.0a.2 / Windows For Free
Font Wrangler is the TrueType/OpenType font manager that makes it easy to batch install, remove, rename, and copy fonts. You can quickly browse and weed installed and downloaded fonts, print a contact sheet, and resolve typeface name conflicts. If you install fonts in Windows, you will find that keeping track of them becomes taxing at best. Remembering what all your fonts look like is worse still. Font Wrangler is the application to help you keep your fonts in line. Specifically, you can: install and remove TrueType fonts with a visual, intuitive user interface; browse downloaded fonts to decide which ones to keep; weed your font collection to rename or delete selected files; Print a 'contact sheet' of fonts so you'll have a paper reference of what each font looks like and change your font names to make them more easily remembered and to resolve typeface name conflicts. We invite you to download a fully-functional evaluation copy and try it out. If you have more than a handful of fonts - and especially if you like to collect new fonts - you'll find Font Wrangler to be a useful addition to Windows.

DOWNLOAD Font Wrangler - 5.0a.2 / Windows For Free

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