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Corel Aftershot Pro 2

Corels Aftershot Pro 2 can improve and manage your photos professionally. The application uses the 64-bit performance, which can be up to 4 X faster than other RAW-image-manipulation applications. AfterShot Pro 2 is the best way to unlock the flexibility of taking RAW pictures. With unparalleled speed and strength and an elegant new interface AfterShot Pro is 2 complete high speed photo management application, a RAW converter and image editing software.

KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Updated RAW camera profiles. 26 new camera profiles and RAW file support by all major camera-manufacturers.Complete-high dynamic range (HDR)-tools. 2 HDR tools, you can combine Aftershot Pro to create multiple exposures to a single, stunning HDR photo. With the AfterShot HDR module you can smart photo fix, white balance, brightness/contrast, fill light clarity, local tone mapping, high pass sharpening and digital noise Removal.Noise reduction by Athentech apply. Aftershot Pro 2 can to optimize your images with new Athentech imaging of noise reduction. This award-winning technology automatically adjusts the lighting for each pixel in a shot keeping real colors and NULL clipping.

Corels AfterShot Pro 2 has all the features that you create professional images to be proud.

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