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Cop Chase: Hot Pursuit 3D - 1.1 / Android

3D Games Here (6) Updated (Ver.) Price: 2014-10-05 (1.1) Free FileDir User Rating: Not rated FileDir User Reviews: No reviews Write a Review Downloads / this week: 46 / 0 Add to list+ Download QR Screenshots Description Advertisement ? Advertisement ?(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Description Feel yourself like a real cop chasing most wanted outlaws in the Chase Cop: Hot Pursuit. You need to chase felons driving cars and stop them at any price. Enjoy this 3D game and try to bust all bad guys.
Chase Cop: Hot Pursuit 3D features:

- 3D world
- city, downtown and country maps with beautiful views
- fast graphics
- awesome soundtracks
- different camera views: up&behind, driver view, hood, near the wheel
- car damage
- realistic sounds
- challenging missions

As a cop driving police car you have to stop felons by smashing and damaging their cars so they won’t be able to drive. In Chase Cop: Hot Pursuit 3D you can damage your car as well as other cars in the game. Do not damage citizens car as it’s bad for your karma, your target is only most wanted felons trying to race from you.

Chase Cop: Hot Pursuit 3D supports different camera views so you can test how it feels like driving police car or imagine that you are on the movie. Enjoy beautiful views while driving, there are many places in the game that catch the eye. The graphics is optimised for mobile devices.

Chase Cop: Hot Pursuit 3D has easy to use control, your car has automatic transmission so you don’t need to bother about that.


1. Tilt device to turn left/right
2. Use accelerator pedal to increase speed
3. Use brake pedal to stop or to move in reverse direction

Enjoy Chase Cop: Hot Pursuit 3D and please write us back with suggestions how we can improve the game.

more ? What's new - Fixed minor bugs
- Added ads

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