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TerraTech Demo 2014-09-04

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If you've ever dreamed of exploring alien worlds in futuristic vehicles, TerraTech gives you the chance to build massive machines and mine precious resources while making sure that enemies won't stand a chance against your prospectors.

An alien world full of resources

With Earth's population constantly on the rise and the limited resources our planet can offer, lots of multinational corporations have sent drones into space to find and help colonize new planets.

Your task is to take control over a small drone that landed on a recently discovered exo-planet filled with various resources that are worth a lot of money back home.

As part of the Survey and Prospecting Program, you will have to explore the planet and harvest any usable resources before sending them to Earth. To have a better chance of gathering as many resources as possible, you will need to improve your prospector, setup a base of operations and create a fleet of drones to do the work for you.

Unlimited vehicle building possibilities

One of the best parts of TerraTech is the possibility to constantly improve your harvester using parts gathered from enemy drones or by fabricating them on your own using the collected resources.

Furthermore, improving your vehicle is a must in a world where rival corporations will try and steal your resources for their own profit. For that, you will have to do your best and take down even the massive yellow harvesters in order to improve your own and get the upper edge if a conflict arises.

Later on, you will be able to research new technologies and purchase blueprints that will help you upgrade the capabilities of your fleet.

An addictive building and exploration game

Although TerraTech is currently in its early development stages, the game looks and feel promising and manages to offer an addictive experience right from the start. The building component is very easy to use, while figuring out where each part should fit better is very intuitive.

All in all, I'm hopeful that TerraTech will grow to reach its expectations and find its place among the most popular games in the genre.

DOWNLOAD TerraTech Demo 2014-09-04 For Free

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