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Stoner Slots ][ Elevated - / Android

2 The Left, Inc. (2) Updated (Ver.) Price: 2014-09-04 ( Free FileDir User Rating: Not rated FileDir User Reviews: No reviews Write a Review Downloads / this week: 0 / 0 Add to list+ Download QR Screenshots Description Description Stoner Marijuana Leafs, Bongs, Cannabis Joints, Pot heads, a few 60's Hippies, and Kilos of Weed All Fill the Reels in this Awesome Slot Machine. Pot Brownies Cooked with Butane Honey Oil Might Make it Your Lucky Day! Strike it Bud Rich with a Mother Load Win, or Bogart the Next Twist. Entertaining the King Pin, or the Closet Smoker Alike - You will Find Hours of Fun Lost in Weed.
Welcome to Stoner Slots ][ Elevated.
Life Circles To The Left.

I am a Programer, Illustrator, Musician, Animator. I like weed. Stoner Slots needed an upgrade. I got stoned, and Elevated Stoner Slots.

* 5 Play Reels - Marijuana Graphics Packed in Each One
* More Paylines - Means More, Bigger Marijuana Weed Wins
* Bigger Bets - Bet a Joint, a Lid, or a few Ounces of Weed
* Looser Slots - I Know You Love Big Weed Payouts
* More Games - Pack a Hookah with Marijuana Strains Weed
* Get Stoned - Keep an Eye on Just How Think You Stoned I Am?
* All New Weed - Twisting up Freshies
* Achievements - Be the Best Stoner You Can Be
* New Music / Sounds - More Marijuana!


* Free Weed Err' Day - Free To Play!
* Different Cannabis Strains.
* Marijuana Themed Backgrounds
* Marijuana Food - Weed edibles
* Pot Head Icons
* Stoner Sound Effects
* No Dope, Just Medicine
* Puff Puff Pass - Share on Facebook and Google+

Because I'm a PotHead, Your Experience will be Genuine. I'm an Independant Developer, and I Personally Thank You For Your Support.

Using marijuana has been a favorite pastime of mine for many years. Colorado is my home, where you are free to buy weed, much like beer. Marijuana is not harmful, and I say that with years of personal experience with, and around weed. Hookah pipes are a favorite, but I prefer bongs. Joints are my first love. Is it 420 yet? Let's pack the weed up tight, and lets smoke some marijuana!


more ? What's new Fixed Level Happy.
Fixed Format error in Wha?
Changed Bong Water

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