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Sports Timer - 2.5.0 / Android

Dries Claerbout (2) Updated (Ver.) Price: 2014-09-07 (2.5.0) Free FileDir User Rating: Not rated FileDir User Reviews: No reviews Write a Review Downloads / this week: 0 / 0 Add to list+ Download QR Screenshots Description Advertisement ? Advertisement ?(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Description “Sports Timer” is an easy to use programmable countdown timer intended for interval training and workouts (like Tabata (HIIT)). Music can be easily added to support your training.
Of course it can be used in other areas like (board) games, cooking...
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The unique key features are:
• The ability to make very complex workouts
• Big display
• Change the workout very easy and fast
• Lots of presets, easy loaded
• Choose "timer done" beep sound
• Choose "on counting" music. (music player included)
• Configure startup conditions: Volume, brightness, load preset at startup, ...
• NewExport & Import presets to/from file, mail, dropbox, ... Easy to share you workouts with friends
• NewCountdown until the system clock is equal to a predefined string. So, it's possible to countdown until the next hour starts. Example: it's 7h30m00s, clock-block: 00:00 => countdown 30 minutes.

A “Sports Timer” countdown sequence can be made of 1 or more following blocks:
• Action block: Counting down some time intended to do some action
• Rest block: Counting down some time intended to recover from your action
• Laps block: Execute 1 or more previous blocks X-times, Laps can be set to infinity. To have an endless loop

“Sports Timer” supports playing sound to indicate the end of a timer block. It will be played at the end of each countdown action / rest block.
When the current block is the same as the previous one (Countdown Action block <=> Countdown Rest block (so, not for laps)), a different sound will be played to indicate a new block.
There are 12 possible sounds available. Or you can choose your own MP3 sound.
Music can also be played on counting. A default directory can be chosen or choose a single file for each block.

“Sports Timer” Timer sequences can be stored in presets. A preset can be easily loaded by swiping to the right.

Preloaded (default) presets:
• Preset 1: Tabata:( 20s , 10s ) * 8
• Preset 2: Gibala: 180s + (60s + 75s) * 8
• Preset 3: Exercises: (( 30s, 20s , 10s ) * 4 , 2 min rest) * 5
• Preset 4: Exercises: (( 20s , 10s ) * 8 , 4 min rest ) * 5
• Preset 5: Basic Timer: Action: 5 min.
• Preset 6: Basic Structure: Rest: 5s (Action: 180s , Rest: 30s ) *2 laps

All presets and settings can be send to an e-mail contact / dropbox / Bluetooth / Skype / ... (depends on the installed programs on your phone).

Free version limitations
• All Presets are stored without the sound & music info
• Changes in the general settings are not stored when closing the app

All functionallity of version 1.x is and stays free to use

Ideas, enhancements or problems with “Sports Timer” can be mailed to FullscreenSportsTimer@gmail.com
All feedback is highly appreciated.

It can also be useful in the following areas: judo, cycling, running, sprinting, weightlifting, circuits, mixed martial arts, …

Thanks for using “Sports Timer”.
Have fun with it!

Dries Claerbout
Bruges Area, Belgium

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more ? What's new V2.5.0
• [New] The build-in music player can play independent from the timer blocks. This can be done by disabling the setting "Start new song on new block" in the "Settings menu"
• [Fix] Settings orientation change issue
• [Fix] Settings Demo music player onCompleted issue

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