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Risen3D 2.2.27

DOWNLOAD Risen3D 2.2.27 For Free

Risen3D is a standalone port of the classic Doom game with improved OpenGL graphics, new models, skybox support and detailed textures.

Improve your Doom game experience using the Risen 3D launcher. Have fun!

NOTE: Risen3D is a Doom port only, you still require at least one of the iwads contained in any commercial version of either Doom, Doom2 or Final Doom before Risen3D will run maps in non commercial wads. 

Fixes bug that caused an error code exit when saving a wad on exiting edit mode. The wad itself was unaffected and changes were stored OK. The problem was with an update being made to the nodes file to prevent the edit nodes having to be built again.It was found that an analyser change for skies was not being stored to the analysis file. This was rare as in almost all maps that needed the change the analysis was fast enough to mean no file was created which in turn meant it was of no consequence. Nevertheless this has now been fixed.An offset error has been fixed that was previously missed through not being obvious. An example was with the lower textures on the lines in SiD map01 S391 (where it was obvious).Some minor analysis changes made. For example L1391 in Didy's Beluga (the door blocking access to the chainsaw) is now rendered correctly. This is a rare case of where an alpha tex is used as an upper texture which should not be vertically clamped.

DOWNLOAD Risen3D 2.2.27 For Free

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