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Post Master +1 Trainer

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In the Post Master game, you will have to create a mail delivery empire starting from a small post office which you take care of.

Throughout the game you will have to hire more people to help out with the business, get better and faster car and eventually expand to different regions of a large city. To make things somewhat difficult, you will have to manually set routes for your employees, hire security guards to prevent theft, as well as keep track of what the competition is doing.

The trainer at hand can help you freeze the clock so you feel less pressured by occurring events. To be able to use it, you first need to run the trainer, then the game and while in the main menu of the latter, press the F1 key to activate it.

Afterwards, you merely need to press the Numpad key that corresponds to the cheat you want to use. It's all simple and the trainer also comes with plenty of information on how to use it.

NOTE: This trainer is for the 09.02.2014 version of the game.

DOWNLOAD Post Master +1 Trainer For Free

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