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Plague Inc: Evolved Editor +1 Trainer

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Plague Inc: Evolved is a strategy game that mixes in a series of simulation features in which you have to help evolve a virus to the stage where it can wipe out life on an entire planet.

The game combines several game modes in which you can play with a team or work in a laboratory to create a new strain of a virus. Plague Inc: Evolved also features advanced graphics which allow you to study a detailed model of the virus in 3D. Moreover, you will be able to see the struggle of some people that have been infected by the deadly virus.

Using the Editor at hand, you will be able to modify global air rate which will help to spread the virus. To be able to use it, you first need to have the game running and a few DNA points obtained.

While you are in the main menu section of the game, you have to press the F1 key to activate the editor, and afterwards you can modify the parameter you wish.

NOTE: This trainer is for the version of the game.

DOWNLOAD Plague Inc: Evolved Editor +1 Trainer For Free

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