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MediaEspresso 7

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MediaEspresso is a high quality file conversion application for all your media needs. With MediaEspresso you don't need to figure out the optimal format and resolution for your specific device, the application will do that for you. MediaEspresso is designed to transfer your files both quickly and easily. In fact, it can clean up the pixels and lighting in your images and videos, thereby resulting in superior quality content for your mobile device!

The application comes with profiles for over 160 mobile and media devices and optimization for hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, AMD and Nvidia.

KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Smart Detect: Automatically selects the optimal file format / resolution for your media based on your device.Convert videos to and from the new HEVC (H.265) format.Optimized for all leading hardware acceleration technologies: Intel Core and Quick Sync Video, Nvidia Cuda, AMD Fusion and APP.Conversion that actually improves the quality! TrueTheater® Lighting, TrueTheater® Denoise and TrueTheater® HD enhance, clean and sharpen images and video.

MediaEspresso is the world’s fastest converter for videos, photos and music.

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