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Hunting Calls Ultimate - 2.7 / Android

Source Rabbit (4) Updated (Ver.) Price: 2014-09-07 (2.7) Free FileDir User Rating: Not rated FileDir User Reviews: No reviews Write a Review Downloads / this week: 0 / 0 Add to list+ Download QR Screenshots Video Description Advertisement ? Advertisement ?(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Description ??? THE BEST COLLECTION OF HUNTING CALLS IN ONE APP ???

All the calls of your favorite game now in one handy and simple App.
Just download, plug your external loud speaker and make your hunt easier !

? High quality calls
? Very easy and very fast User Interface (UI) that works on any mobile screen size
? Supports playing through external loud speakers
? Auto repeat for the calls that need it

? Wolf
? Coyote
? Fox
? Bear
? Bobcat
? Duck
? Goose
? Wild Turkey
? White-tailed Deer
? Roe Deer (Roebuck)
? Pheasant
? Quail
? Crow
? Hooded Crow
? Magpie
? Blackbird
? European Turtle Dove
? Snipe Bird
? Mourning Dove
? Song Thrush
? Squirrel
? Raccoon

Best of luck and happy hunting!

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NOTE: Please check your local game laws for legal use of electronic hunting calls.

This app is supported via ads. This is a way to make money from this app and giving it to you for free. Thank you for your understanding.

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