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Hollywood Stunts Bike Crew - 1.15

StudyHall Entertainment (46) Updated (Ver.) Price: 2014-08-31 (1.15) Free FileDir User Rating: 5.0/5 (1) FileDir User Reviews: No reviews Write a Review Downloads / this week: 222 / 0 Add to list+ Download QR Screenshots Video Description Advertisement ? Advertisement ?(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Description The Hollywood Stunts Bike Crew is coming to a city near you! Watch out as they harass civilians out for a drive with their families. Get your motorcycle in front of the black Range Rover - style SUV and slow down, just like in real life! All bike are fully upgrade-able so you can work your way up from a newbie to the leader of the pack. This is a motorcycle racing game with a monster truck SUV. Races take place in Hollywood California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, and New York City. If you think Grand Theft Auto is good, check this out!

You've seen the video of the bike gang in NYC harassing the family in the black Range Rover SUV... Now play the game! Available only on Android. This game is in no way affiliated with Hollywood Stuntz bike gang that have road rage in NYC takeover Times Square or have block party, Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, or any other real life thug crew. This is just a funny game. Also, this game has no violence so it is suitable for all ages.

Here's a Android Game about the High-Speed Motorcycle Chase in New York City.

This game is free and therefore contains ads. However, this game will not install any ad-related search bars on your phone or place ads in your notification bar. ADS WILL ONLY APPEAR WITHIN THE GAME. There is also the option to remove all ads for 99 cents if you prefer.

By downloading this application you are agreeing to StudyHall Entertainment LLC's End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy which can be found at:

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