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Eclat x64 - 5.3 / Windows

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A program to find frequent item sets (also closed and maximal as well as generators) with the eclat algorithm (Zaki et al. 1997), which carries out a depth first search on the subset lattice and determines the support of item sets by intersecting transaction lists. The current version of this program can only find frequent item sets, not association rules. It does not support the item clustering described by (Zaki et al. 1997), but it does support diffsets (Zaki and Gouda 2003) and several other algorithm variants.

A paper that describes some implementation aspects of an earlier version of this program (note that due to a complete redesign in version 3.0, this description does not fit the program anymore):

Efficient Implementations of Apriori and Eclat
Christian Borgelt.
Workshop of Frequent Item Set Mining Implementations (FIMI 2003, Melbourne, FL, USA).
fimi_03.pdf (304 kb) fimi_03.ps.gz (197 kb) (9 pages)

DOWNLOAD Eclat x64 - 5.3 / Windows For Free

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