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Dungeons: The Dark Lord +1 Trainer

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Dungeons: The Dark Lord is a strategy, RPG and simulator in which you have to do the Dungeon Lord's bidding and muster up an army from all corners of the Underworld.

Apart from other RPG games, in this one you will be acting as the forces of evil and defending yourself from those of good. You have to create a network of dungeons, recruit demons and then wage war on humans.

To use Dungeons: The Dark Lord +1 Trainer you first need to run the app, then launch the game and while in the menu, press the F1 key in order to activate it. Afterwards, you can access the trainer's options merely by pressing the numpad keys that correspond to them. With this trainer, you will be able to add gold to your character's wealth.

Apart from granting bonuses, the trainer also comes with a unit editor which you can use to increase the power of your minions. Dungeons: The Dark Lord +1 Trainer is an easy to use tool as it displays a straightforward interface which makes it accessible to anyone.

DOWNLOAD Dungeons: The Dark Lord +1 Trainer For Free

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