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Digital Anatomy - 1.0.20 / Windows

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Digital Anatomy is a handy application that redefines DICOM with an unique workflow managment approach to view and edit DICOM images.

Digital Anatomy can become very useful for medical imaging professionals as well as medical students.


Focus on UX:
· User Experience was placed front and center during the development of Digital Anatomy. The interface is intuitive and highly customizable. The multi-document interface provides limitless, simultaneous viewing of DICOM images and multiframe playback.

Modular Workspace:
· Digital Anatomy offers a flexible, multi-monitor workflow setup. Users are able to adjust the workspace to their individual needs, displaying all the required tools right where they need them while hiding unnecessary ones out of the way.

· Digital Anatomy was build from the ground up without the use of slow and bloated frameworks and libraries. This results in an extremely robust program optimized for high performance and productivity.

· Digital Anatomy is compatible with images of all modalities (CT, MRI, NM, US, XA, MG, CR etc.)

DOWNLOAD Digital Anatomy - 1.0.20 / Windows For Free

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