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Deskcalc Pro - 7.1.0 / Windows

DOWNLOAD Deskcalc Pro - 7.1.0 / Windows For Free
You will discover in DeskCalc a full featured adding machine with the functions you are expecting from a mechanical adding machine and capabilities associated with a Windows environment.


· Check-strip with comfortable text input per position
· Correction possibilities (rectifying
· Adding and deleting values)
· Built-in formula interpreter
· Sales tax functions
· Cache (memory function)
· Percentage calculation
· EURO-conversion
· Floating point- and fixed point-calculation
· Subdivision into thousands
· Fast correction key
· Display of the results in task strip and window title line
· Printing with heading and date/time
· Excel-export

DOWNLOAD Deskcalc Pro - 7.1.0 / Windows For Free

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