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Conquista Patch 8661

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Three parts in this game are more important: Occupation, Action and Engastre Arms!

The initial period of the game, has four professions for players: Taoist, Archer, Warrior, Trojan, and throughout the game as the player chooses, each has its branch. For example, the Taoist can split one of two different offices, is a Taoist water, and another is Taoist fire.

In Conquest, every profession has its characteristic, and sense of play. For example, the Taoist, for some it is more important for his witchcraft, and others for support and profit. For example, the Taoist water is hechizoEscudo Magic, Star Precisa and stigma. The fire has the Taoist spell Tornado, Fire of Hell, Circle of Fire, and witchcraft that has large area of damage.

Not only is the Taoist way, the other professions as well. For example in Guerrero expressed a totally different game when the circle is full of XP and can use a skill, wielding the sword burning wide, bringing a knife to the dazzling pocisión enemy, while it may increase by the same attack or defense. Promote their own attack, and kill the enemies and monsters faster for Guerrero is a nice feeling.

The archer, is higher for spells arrows. The archer bow and arrow, you can select from various types. Different arrows are different effects, such as the arrow is the rocket fire, poison arrows poisonous substitute. The skills of the profession take a different form: Rapid Fire, Dispersion. The archer can fly, that is, if you can gongfu is high, with XP, fly and escape.

Conquest in the game, there are from handguns to rifles, handguns are the knife, sword, ax, and so on. Rifles are Lanza, Palo, Machete, etc, each weapon has different action and technique. It is time the movement with glory! The pesonajes in the game are vivid, rich with gestures, notebooks will be glad to laugh, when will be sad to mourn. If you want to pursue a girl, you can learn to dance, with 10 kinds of books dance routines available in the game.

In weaponry, players can embed special gems: Gema Luna, Violet Gem, Dragon Gem, Phoenix Gema, Gema of Unicorn, Arcoiris Gema, Gema of Fury, and add extra properties to his team. And with the Dragon Ball and Meteor can improve your weapons and promote the level of his weapon as well. In war, all have distontos modes PK (Kill Person): Group (You can only attack players who are not on your team and Clan), PK, Peace, Capture (You can only attack players who have started a battle) etc. Another advantage is, if you have the sufficient level and can reincarnate / revival, will have to choose different professions have different ways: Fame Guerrero Courage of Trojan, Taoist noble, elegant Arquero, you can select for their taste.

Supreme Clan Summit:They will be 6 new NPCs in Twin City, Clan Square (410.249) (419.249) (428.249), and Chief ClanCuadrado (407.252) (416.252) (425.252), and the chiefs clan arriving Phase 5 in Supreme Clan Summit may talk ClanCuadrado Manager to enter Clan Square (also known as in-game Clan Compound), and enjoy BolaDeDragón Rain first.

DOWNLOAD Conquista Patch 8661 For Free

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