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Collapse +5 Trainer

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Collapse is an action adventure game with a hack and slash feel in which you have to make sense of what happened on Earth as two dimensions seem to collide.

The game features both third person shooting as well as close combat using swords in which you get to use and see well crafted finishing moves. A nice thing about the game is that you are not limited to a single weapon or fighting style. You can use one-handed or two-handed weapons and combine your moves with the use of a firearm.

The trainer in discussion allows you to benefit from infinite health, easy kills, no reload time, unlimited ammo and infinite blow energy. To use the application all you have to do is run the trailer, launch the game and while you are in the main menu, pres the F1 key to activate it.

Once the trainer is up and running, you then have to press the corresponding Numpad key to the cheat you want to apply.

DOWNLOAD Collapse +5 Trainer For Free

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