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BIRT iHub F-Type 1.0

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BIRT iHub F-Type Free Reporting & Visualization Platform BIRT iHub F-Type is the free version of Actuate’s commercial reporting and data visualization platform, BIRT iHub. Developers working with open source BIRT can now leverage this free enterprise-grade server to generate, manage, and securely deliver BIRT reports and web applications.

With Actuate’s metered data-out freemium model, developers can enhance their BIRT reports and applications with instant interactivity, open data access, enterprise-class security, flexible scheduling, Excel & PDF export, and easy API embedding.

BIRT iHub F-Type comes with these out-of-the-box features: INTERACT: Allow end users to modify and personalize reports..SCHEDULE: Automate report generation and user notification..SHARE: Secure information sharing with row level data security..EXPORT: Export to native live Excel sheets with formulas and pivot tables..INTEGRATE: JavaScript API to embed dynamic visualizations in your web apps.

Data Access Features: Data connectors: JDBC, XML, flat files, Microsoft Excel, POJO Big Data sources: Hadoop, Hortonworks, Amazon Redshift, Apache Hbase via Hive, Mongo DB, Cloudera Hadoop and Impala. Commercial JDBC drivers for Oracle, Salesforce, DB2, SQL Server Optional metadata layer integrates data from multiple sources in real time Open Data Access (ODA) framework from Eclipse to add custom data sources.

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