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AntiLogger is a Very much powerful and efficient app accessing various attempts by hackers on your PC can block. Although the application is Very much easy, it can detect that all attempts, your computer settings change and put malicious code into your system. The app can also detect when someone tries, record your activities, monitor access to your webcam or microphone, and your Clipboard.

KEY FEATURES belonging to system intrusion protection: the AntiLogger system defence module can secure your PC malicious attempts to access your system recognizes, based only on their behavior, regardless, whether the malware previously isolated identified or was.Keystroke logger protection: you are prompted the AntiLogger app if someone tried to access on your keyboard without your Vorkenntnisse.Finanzielle-malware: hackers use sophisticated techniques that are designed to steal your data directly from your PC. App belongs the AntiLogger shut down to a small number of products available, the interception and suspicious processes before they can access your data.Webcam and microphone-hijacking protection: AntiLogger monitored All the time all processes that access To try on your computer. The app asks you if an illegal application tries to turn on your webcam or microphone.Cloud powered early response system: IntelliGuard is a smart early warning and response system. The software makes AntiLogger is easy to use and reliable, the cooperation install you in real time, you get no calls for legitimate programs on your computer.Clipboard-remote-access protection: If you copy something, it is stored on your computer's Clipboard. AntiLogger protects your clipboard hacked and keeps it from intruders.

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