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Wrestling Encore - 1.6

Everything so far warm-up Act... get ready for the main event! Following the cult success of 2004, wrestling MPire is the world's biggest and most innovative wrestling simulator back and better than ever for a wrestling Encore! It takes the same revolutionary contract-driven career mode and fulfills its potential with improved graphics, animation, sound, and gameplay. Create your own wrestling wannabe from scratch, and then she dive into a vast universe of over 200 wrestlers spread 6 key actions. Negotiate the donation offers, you make rich, the high-profile games, make your name and the backstage relationships that will determine your destiny - to develop as you play through an endless schedule opportunities to win. Or steam with the wildest action in the ring, handle a PC with up to 30 characters on the screen and up to 100 fully interactive objects and weapons can - simply blow away!

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