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Stadionus - is a system for animation and analysis of football games.
Everything you wanted to know about a football game is now available for you.

You get the game statistics in this version:
Trajectory of players, which zones of the player spent most of in and where they were chosen most actively at any time by the user
Player speed and acceleration graphics, direction of the measure to pass, accuracy and productivity of each player
-Tactical and physical indicators of the game single teams or for the comparison of the two teams
-The zone between the players, the lines and directions of their actions covered
Pass and attack, attack and defense lines
Pass accuracy calculations for each player
-For each player ran how far and at what speed it through the whole game
Ball possession percentage and time for each team and each player
And much more. We work with our users and each of the statistics you need. The program is evolving, we welcome all suggestions and requests from our users.

Properties of a 3D animated game
-The game engine integrates the ability of your graphics card in our program used to create highly realistic soccer game scenes.
-Tens football animated actions, quality textures, lights and shadows all give your scenes and clips a uniqueness, previously only available for professional designers and animators
-Virtual cameras that you can add to the clip, make it possible the game through the eyes of every football player or to see the ball. You will watch the game in a way that is impossible in real life.
-The slow-motion effect, only possible with computer graphics, expanded and Enrichens animate the possibilities of the three dimensional scenes.

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