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New star soccer 4 4.03

NSS4 is still set in the heart of the action in the most exciting football game. Start at least a leading team in the lower leagues, you would have to prove himself in this football career game on the square and it. You build on your skills in the training mini-games or in the 5-a-side arena then the boss like you on the day of the game. It is not all about goals or the last ropes dig, though, must also keep an eye on your relationships. Friends, media, girlfriend and more, if your personal life suffers, so will your performance. There are difficult situations to deal with, and every decision affects the game and the relationships within it. Should you visit your family to spend a few hours on the training ground? Would you spend your last few dollars for an energy drink or have a game of chance in a casino? The selection, you ultimately determine your success. NSS4 has over 90 leagues from around the world, with more than 3,000 clubs and 30,000 players. The new 3D game engine provides you with complete 360-degree control and allows you to view the action from any angle, including the revolutionary players-cam. Play roulette, Blackjack or slot machines in the Casino, you have a bet in the race and even to buy and train racehorses. Earn up to 11 different sponsorships to unlock new features such as another boat colors and get up to 50 performances, including the famous 'player of the year"-award.

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