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Football Rankulator - 2.4.0

Football Rankulator is award winning utility which allows you to create your own computer rankings of College Division 1A-Fußball-Teams. You can also keep an eye on the Conference races, team schedules and strength of schedule, the polls and the BCS standings. In the beginning, we had the AP and coaches polls. Then came the Bowl Championship series (BCS). Added to the BCS that contain AP and coaches polls, but strength of schedule, quality WINS and a series of computer rankings to the mix. From the outset, computer rankings were a large part of the BCS formula. But the details of its inner workings hidden remain, as the criteria they use, the reason why some teams get after they lose and go down other teams if they win. If you want answers to these questions, you are in the wrong place! We don't know that either. But now there are football Rankulator. Football Rankulator (FBR) allows you to create your own computer rankings. From dozens of ranking methods, you will decide what is important and what is not important. You decide how much weight a certain ranking method. If you don't like the results, change the criteria. And the best thing is, you know how it works, because you have control. There is also a unique strength of schedule calculation. The break, you can actually look down the opponents and opponent opponent schedules. And like the rankings, you can control how your version of the strength of schedule. There is no data entry. The Division, 1A and 1AA data are provided free of charge, i.e. plans and results, as well as the AP, coaches and BCS numbers. Data files are updated in a timely manner and to the download available, so you need to enter a single value, and even the DataFile you downloaded the software. Of course, if you want to enter the notes themselves, you can. If Division football follow II or III, you can enter your dates and results the software.

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