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Deluxe ski jump 3 - 1.7.1

Deluxe ski jump 3 is an addictive ski jumping game in 3D graphics. Compete with all your friends 32 unique hills in the World Cup or team Cup events. You can jump into DSJ3 online and chat with other ski jumping fans from around the world. Ski jumping is modeled precisely after real physics. You control the ski jumper movement intuitively with sensitive mouse control. There are ten different zoomable camera views from which you can observe your crack. In playback mode, you can analyze your jump in slow motion or frame by frame. DSJ3 is easy to learn but difficult to master. Successful play requires using a steady mouse hand, quick reflexes and ability, the air flows in its entirety. If you are good base enough, can, DSJ3 rankings make it also on the Web,.

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