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Citrio 36.0.1985.241

Citrio is a new generation of fast and efficient Web browser, developed chromium by Catalina Group Ltd. Citrio is based, which means that it has derived the basic functionality of chrome-open-source project. Citrio also has a number of its own unique features, that it is a indispensable tool for high-quality Web browsing. The browser is available for Windows and Mac OS. Citrio is absolutely free for private and commercial use.

KEY FEATURES include built-in Download Manager: Citrio-s download manager has a number of essential characteristics, the to allow you full control over the process of downloading. All files are sorted by date within Citrio-s download area. Citrio you can pause downloads, resume it later and save, what has been downloaded before a sudden blackout or your Internet connection is lost. Citrio-from Download Accelerator speeds up the downloads up to 5 times depending on the site and making the entire process faster and smoother.High-performance MediaGrabber: Citrio has a MediaGrabber function, which allows you to download files from all the most popular online video websites. MediaGrabber can download multiple files in real time and with other software in the background. Click a yellow button in the upper right corner of browser window, to download a video. The download will begin Right away and is completed in a few moments.Citrio proxy Widget: The built-in proxy widget allows to change IP of the computer in a few seconds, and so you can surf anonymously on the Internet. This geographically restricted sites can be accessed, to conceal your real IP and confidential your browsing habits.Safe and secure: Citrio cares A lot about the privacy of users. Citrio collects never personal information. In addition, it has a built-in phishing and malware protection, to provide absolute safety of your everyday work.

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