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Zombie OPS online - 1.3.06

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futureops
Twitter: https://twitter.com/futureopsonline

Game servers:
-Maximum of 48 players per server.
-Zombie co-op survive mission, zombie survival MMO open world, Capture The Point and team deathmatch game modes.
-6 cards.
-Online multiplayer.
-Air vehicles.

Dedicated voice server:
-Maximum 8 players per voice group
At any time, even without a game server connect connect voice chat server.
Connect you to clan member and other players to express servers from your profile.

-250 player limit pro clan.
-Create, invite, kick, apply for clan, refuse applications
Clan ranks with promote / demote
Clan game servers & clan voice servers with kick / ban on the basis of clan rank.
Clan profiles

-186.021 registered accounts.
-7.151 clan created.

Current features in development:
-Kooperative map generator
New weapon system equipment

MMO on survival mode is planned, but similar DayZ and war Z, are now under heavy reconstruction, many functions had to be disabled to optimize it for mobile devices, more buildings must be simplified.

A multiplayer first person shooter with up to 48 players per server in survival MMO, co-op mission, team deathmatch, and Capture the Point game modes.

Air vehicles how can mobile FPS games to play, never before, this game has the goal, your mobile battlefield.

Please update your game always, if it changes Server page, then creates a new version of the server, which is accessible only the latest version of the game, so there are only a few Server online.

Update list:
v. 1.0.35
-Newly created zombie infested mountains
-Added map "Firehouse"
-Added map "The road"
v. 1.0.26
-Reduced network delay
-Fixed soldier size and positioning
-Fixed soldier lighting in newer cards
v. 1.0.25
-4 map Hill Valley with capture added to the point
Vehicles are currently in Hill Valley
v. 1.0.24
-Added 3. map the docks with team Deathmatch
v. 1.0.23
-Improved rendering quality in zombie mountains
Reduction of loading times something
v. 1 0.22
-Fixed crashes by temporarily to turn off multicore rendering and GPU skinning
-Improved site performance
-Increases the trees and grass added
New graphic options trees and grass

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