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White tile - multiplayer - 1.4.5

White tile

Multiplayer version support personal challenge & team tournament
Smooth version with sound effects added.

A puzzle game, the are as many steps as you do can in three different modes. However, there is a catch. You can only step on black tiles on the Board, and if the white on one step, the game is over.

So easy to play!
To start, tap on the black blocks.
The faster you type, the faster the path moves!
Tap a white block and the game is over.

Survival mode
Blocks move faster, do not tap on the white tiles, see how many steps you can go?

Speed mode
Test your speed to see how fast you can complete 50 steps to the goal?

Limit-time mode
Time is limited, see how many steps you can go in 30 seconds?

Google game is built, you go with your friends!

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