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WebFileSys - 2.10.2c

WebFileSys is a web based file manager and web picture album. It runs as a standard Java webapplication in any servlet container. Although WebFileSys is a platform-independent Java application, it offers most functions that file managers designed for a single operating system provide. A rich set of picture browsing and manipulation functions as well as the Google Maps and Google Earth integration make it a good choice for sharing photos on the intranet or internet. WebFileSys is a multi-user application, each user can have it's own home directory. WebFileSys can be used by webspace providers to give the users convenient access to their files. WebFileSys does not need any external database. All persistent information is stored in cached XML files. The highly optimized folder and file browsing functions based on Ajax technology make WebFileSys one of the fastest web file managers available.

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