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UltraMixer 4.0.4 / 4.1.0 RC 16

UltraMixer is a reliable and exhaustive OS X audio mixing software that provides a DJ with all the tools and features required by both expert or beginner users.

Moreover, the UltraMixer app features a powerful and flexible interface designed to provide its users with quick and easy access to two digital SoundPlayers that are meant to replace the turntables.

Comes with a simple and user-friendly interface featuring two built-in audio players

Each of the two UltraMixer SoundPlayers comes with its own playlist, to which you can easily and effortlessly add audio files and playlists from your music folders, CDs and even from iTunes' library.

They also offer you the option to quickly add all the tracks in your iTunes playlists to further expand the library of songs you can work with.

What is more, UltraMixer enables its users to effortlessly edit or reload any song's ID3 tags and rapidly perform a search for relevant covert art over the internet.

Bundled audio analyzer and normalizer

More experienced users can also use UltraMixer to analyze their audio tracks and swiftly generate BPM stats and waveforms, as well as rapidly normalize all loaded audio files with a couple of mouse clicks.

UltraMixer also offers real-time sound effects such as resonance, flanger, cutoff, a built-in sample player and a useful 31 band equalizer, along with extended support for a wide array of hardware controllers (MIDI and light controller).

Support for custom keyboard shortcut profiles

In addition, UltraMixer users can customize the existing keyboard shortcuts and create, import or export their own keyboard profiles in order to simplify controlling the app without a mouse.

Furthermore, beginners can easily view the keyboard shortcuts for each function directly within the UltraMixer interface next to each button.

Music collection browser

Additionally, from UltraMixer's Archive tab, one can easily browse and listen to the entire music collection, while the Mixer tab can be used to adjust the sound volume of the played track, apply sound effects and fade from one song to another.

Next, via the Master panel, UltraMixer will also be able to adjust the equalizer, record new audio sessions and adjust the overall sound volume and gain.

Streamlined and intuitive audio mixer for both DJs and beginners that want to learn the art of music mixing

All in all, you should give UltraMixer a try if you’re looking for a streamlined and user-friendly audio mixer, with enough tools and features to make even the most complex remix task as simple and straightforward as possible.

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