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Ultra Character Map 2.0.2

Ultra Character Map is a Mac OS X application that enables you to view all the available characters in a font family and compare fonts side by side. In addition to this, the app allows you to print entire font catalogs and access Apple’s Emoji collection from a single place.

The main window of Ultra Character Map is comprised of the top toolbar where you can access navigational buttons, a favorites button or a search bar, as well as 2 tabs, one for browsing the character maps and another for previewing and comparing font catalogs in any size.

From the character map tab, you can select the font family, emphasis, size and character category. Like in most character viewers, all symbols are displayed in a continuous table. Also, you can preview each character in a different pane and on a larger scale and then view its name, Unicode, key code and other details.

Furthermore, in the Font Catalog tab, users can select 2 or more fonts and compare them. Just like in the Character Map tab, you can use drop-down menus to select the font families. What’s more, various details about the selected font are displayed in a separate panel.

Other benefits for using Ultra Character Map include being able to copy characters to your documents just by dragging and dropping them. Emoji characters make no exception. You can browse any emoticon supported by your system and drop them onto documents or other apps.

On the whole, Ultra Character Map is a great application for viewing all characters of any installed font on your Mac. It might prove really useful to graphic designers, app developers and web programmers who wish to get the most out of their favorite fonts.

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