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Terrorist sniper shooter free - 1.2

Our world was attacked. The superpowers have a dangerous mission to the way the anti-terror war weapons, explosives, hot shoot with enemy agents, Marines, under cover and specialist snipers shoot launched. Terrorist sniper shooter mission should any terrorist of this planet to kill.

This is the first mission of the terrorist sniper shooter. We need to destroy the base camp of terrorists, with lots of weapons and ammunition storage at the base. Ready for the battle ground, dust storm, and the nearby mountain. Our agencies-n, the undercover agents, heart of the terrorists is that this base was found, so we it from their base camp truncated must. Make sure the protect marine target for headshots otherwise the base with hostile shot and explosion can be destroyed.Collect as many notes as possible, so that you can attack the next base. Cross fire can injure your sniper shooter, so stay focused. Load your weapon every now and then because the shots are limited. Struggle is between the good n bad / evil forces. In terrorist sniper shooter you have the best anti-terror war weapons, terrorist and explosion removed latest helicopters and trained troops with unparalleled capabilities to destroy their camp.

How to play
-Berühren you and move your enemy terrorist sniper shooter mission objectives
-Verwenden you your anti-terror weapons to your first gun shot
-As soon as you have started to fire, begins to fire your enemy
-Schießen with fire button
-Richten you the laser point for head shot accuracy
-The gun loads
-Be careful, the close encounters

With this exciting gameplay and amazing UI terrorist sniper shooter mission to play would like to. This action filled game is very interesting to play.

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