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Secryptor 1.0

Encrypting documents that contain important data is highly recommended, especially if you plan to share them with others over the internet. Secryptor is a minimalist Mac OS X application that enables you to encrypt and decrypt files, and integrate with your Dropbox account in order to share the processed files through the cloud.

Unobtrusive encryption tool featuring user friendly installation and setup processes

Secryptor offers you the possibility to save the encrypted files to your local disk drive, but is also able to connect to your Dropbox account and upload them to the cloud in no time.

To be able to do that, you must authorize the Secryptor app to use your Dropbox account, input the generated code within the appropriate Secryptor panel, and then direct the app to your Dropbox folder where a new directory will be created. Naturally, you must go through this process only once.

Uncomplicated software solution for sharing files in a secure manner

When you encrypt a file using Secryptor you must start by choosing the output location: a local folder, or your Dropbox account. The next step is to set up an encryption password: memorize it or share it with the ones that need to decrypt the file.

For the files stored in the cloud, Secryptor also generates a download code, which can be sent to others by email, or though a text message. Simply input the code in the Secryptor decrypt field, and the application takes care of the rest.

Streamlined solution for encrypting files and securely sharing them with others

Secryptor  is a great tool to have around if you want to send documents to your team members while protecting their content. The app is also able to decrypt the data, and even access files stored in a Dropbox account. The developers also provide a viewing application for the iOS, so you will have access to the encrypted files even if you are on the go.

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