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RockN Audio - 2.7

There are thousands (a slight over statement) of Audio Editors out there on the iNet and some are even advertised as being "free"! You most likely know that "Audacity" is the most popular, and talked about one out there, but unless you are a very experienced user - you'll find that it isn't "user friendly" enough for us other folks to use easily (without a long learning curve). Sure - it's "open source software" but so what? Do you have the time or skills to write/ revise the code to your specs - most likely not.

All that being said - here is some reasons you might want to consider giving our "RockN Audio" a try:

Fully compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit systems)
The included Audio Recorder not only gives you the option of recording from your microphone (or in-line jack) but also - and best of all - any sound that comes out of your speakers. It uses what is know as "loop back" recording technology. This feature allows you to record the sound of any Youtube video, iNet radio broadcasts, etc. Record any sound coming out of your speakers or headphones - think about how easy it will be to build your music collection - anything from the oldies to the newest releases!
The Audio Editor is easy to understand and use. If you know how to use the functions to select, copy, cut, paste, delete and to apply attributes when using a text editor - you'll feel right at home using our "wave form" type Audio Editor.
We've included a CD Ripper, a Batch Format Converter, an ID tag Editor and a super duper DJ type Audio Player all wrapped up into one suite of specialized audio tools. If you need to do most anything with your audio recordings (or files) - the tool is most likely included.
We, Code-it Software Solutions, have been developing audio software since 1997 - there are 10's of 1,000's of folks using our software; thus, giving us the experience of years of user comments, suggestions for improvements that have been incorporated into this soft

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