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Open world FPS MMO - 2.0

EverStorm online - the first mobile Sci Fi open world MMO PVP shooter of its kind!

Close other players around the world in an open world multiplayer environment in the room!

+ EverStorm online has more than 10 weapons!
+ Teleportation system offers a unique player for intense action! You can instantly teleport your character in various places.
+ World PVP and PVP group!
+ Chat, and make teams take your opponents.
+ Make your own game up to 2000 players!
+ Game language: English
+ Supports Android 2.3.3 and up

Coming soon!

Tinker player
More guns!

In contrast to other online-play in the app store this game has no in-store purchases. Just a one-time purchase of 99 cents for server maintenance! No advertising, and this game is actively developed!

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