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Intel Galileo Arduino Software Package 1.0.2 for Mac OS

 Resolved issues:
- Driver installation in Windows gives a warning
- Pins have pullups enabled at reset time
- IO Expander address is hardcoded
- Reboot button fails to reboot the board
- Workaround for servo library
- SD Library cannot create new files
- Arduino app on OS X does not work when Mac auto renames app
- Sketch downloading sometimes fails on Linux hosts
- IDE version

New Features:
- Adds support for the 2nd generation Intel Galileo board, also called Intel Galileo Gen 2.
- Added support for the Intel Galileo (Gen 2) Customer Reference Board (CRB).
- The Intel Quark BSP package version 1.0.1 is patched to update the build to OpenSSL 1.0.1h. This addresses security issues announced previously. We recommend updating both the host IDE software and the SD card runtime to address OpenSSL fixes and updating the firmware on the Galileo for consistency.
- Several fixes were incorporated into the Arduino core libraries.
- Described library support for tone() and pulseIn(), see below for details.

The software release supports the following Arduino libraries:
- Wi-Fi
- Servo
- USB Host

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