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Clipboard Redefined - 2.7

This PC software is something you'll definitely want, and use. It activate as minimized in your system tray: at the 'ready' at all times to access your clipboard data base. The Windows clipboard will only cut and paste a single item at a time, but if you want to capture a series of items or save items for later use then 'Clipboard Redefined' will get that job done for you! Rather than working with one piece of clipboard data at a time, it enhances the native clipboard functionality by remembering all items (both text and graphic) that are copied to the clipboard and storing them in a collection for later pasting... even after you shut off your computer. You can create and save 25 clips at a time in this free version (get it customized to save an unlimited amount of clips). You can work in virtually any Windows program while this software sits in your windows system tray... capturing all data that is copied to the Windows Clipboard and saved for later retrieval.

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