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Bluest - fight for freedom - 2.1.5

· Action fighting game is "Bluest" scrolling.
They defeated to clear the enemies of different special attacks at all levels.

·the air raid and shelling are different types of special attacks such as lunge, ranged attack, counter. In addition, you can connect an attack using a different technique to attack enemy incessantly.

·You, increase your skills can achieve special movement. Selecting suitable special movement enemy are to turn off the key to the stage.

·By touch and flick newly developed for smartphones, you can move characters, like, as if you are playing in the home-use game console.

·Total band of this game consist of 48 × 3 phases + 30 kinds of special attacks + 5 kinds of the skill system. There are many elements for playing through for additional challenge such as clearing all stages, all special attacks and speed runs.

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